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The Easy Way To Embed Videos

I’ve written previously about 11 common online video mistakes and then six steps to developing an effective video strategy. It’s time now to look at some of the mechanics of displaying videos on websites and how they might affect the choices you make.Before we start, I’ll warn you: if you thought having to deal with […]

10 Online Video Marketing Mistakes

More businesses than ever are incorporating online video into their marketing strategies; and for good reason too. There’s a ton of statistics out there underscoring many of the potential benefits online video can bring to a business. In real-life terms, all these statistics boil down to one simple fact: people love watching videos online and, […]

5 Steps To Online Video Success

It doesn’t take much Googling to reach the conclusion that video marketing is expected to be one of the biggest online marketing trends in the coming year.As companies start to realise they need an effective content marketing strategy in order to be successful online, video marketing will become more and more popular. It isn’t only […]

9 Crazy Freelancing Myths Debunked

A lot of designers have wild misconceptions about freelancing and what it’s actually like. Despite what many people think, it’s not all fun and games and working in your PJs. At some point in their career, every designer is going to consider the possibility of going freelance. Before you make that decision, there are a […]